New Leadership for Petroleum Directorate

New Leadership for Petroleum Directorate

On July 20 2018, erstwhile Director General Mr. Raymond Kargbo, handed over the mantle of leadership to Mr. Timothy Kabba, as incoming Director General of the Petroleum Directorate, in a short but well attended ceremony. The handing over event was prompted by the parliamentary confirmation of President Bio’s appointment of Mr. Kabba to the position.

Mr. Kabba is generally believed to have hit the ground running on sharing his challenging but achievable mission against the background of his familiarity with the management terrain as well as  his international experience and expertise in the upstream oil and gas subsector.

In a series of engagements so far with various stakeholders including staff members of the Directorate, incumbent as well as potential oil and gas exploration corporations and other key partners, the newly appointed CEO has consistently articulated his mission to translate into reality, President Bio‘s vision of optimizing the beneficial outcomes of extractive resources in the best interest of Sierra Leoneans-present and future generations.

Recognizing the taxing tasks ahead, and as a key element of his plan of action, Mr. Kabba has targeted securing the unqualified cooperation of all stakeholders, and vowed to work with all partners including investors, technical partners, development partners, other government agencies, and local communities for the common good.

A good number of these stake holding community members have reciprocally assured the new CEO, his team and the Petroleum Directorate of their renewed commitment to support Government’s transformative efforts, against the background of a shared vision for changing the fortunes of our Nation to a desirable state.


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