About Us – Departments

We are proud of the people who make the Petroleum Directorate (PD) what it is, their skills and passion for their work push us forwards everyday. 

Technical Department

The Technical Department forms the backbone of the Petroleum Directorate and provides skills in a very wide range of disciplines:

This arm of the technical department performs all geological interpretation of well logs, cores and drill cuttings to determine the presence of petroleum. It also performs 2D/3D seismic interpretation, leads and prospects generation & evaluation, Basin promotion to attract investors, Data management of geological & geophysical data in support of exploration activities. It also monitors exploration activities during well drilling to verify and quality check any data being acquired and/or processed.

The Geophysics arm of the Technical Department undertakes all geophysical related activities in collaboration with its partners. These activities begin from survey planning, data acquisition, processing through to interpretation which is its main duty. It also monitors exploration activities during seismic acquisition.

Petroleum Engineering
Evaluate partners’ drilling programme plan, Work with partners in selecting well location and optimization,  Perform post well analysis, Work with partners to ensure drilling and completions operations conforms to industry standards and procedures.

Information Technology
The information technology arm manages the IT infrastructure and telecommunication needs of the corporation. The department also delivers effective levels of service and support to the business for on-going operational services, new services and projects and also manage the hardware and software assets and ensure compliance with policies and licensing requirements.

Petroleum Economics
Economics arm of the Technical department, conduct research, gather and analyse data, monitor economic trends, and construct forecasts on multiple issues, including energy costs, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates, business cycles, employment level, and taxes. In addition to the above it also conducts, financial and economic modelling of investment projects for E&P and processing Petroleum contracts.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
HSE branch of the Technical Department plans coordinates and implements all HSE policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure compliance offshore and onshore Sierra Leone.

Administration Department

The Administrative Department is responsible for ensuring that the organisation has the administrative support necessary to conduct its business and fulfil its mission ultimately.

The major role of the Department is the provision of advice on improved policy measures and managerial systems, procedures and practices as part of goal achievement strategies.

Key  activities include:

  • Providing advice and assistance to the Director General on matters relating to public sector management systems, public policy and practice- strategic analysis options appraisal goal setting, action planning, implementation and output-purpose review;
  • Providing advice and assistance to Director General on matters relating to staffing and modern management systems and techniques-staffing practices and processes, job evaluation, recruitment system, individual and collective performance management, employment agreements, and leave management.
  • Advising on inter-agency relations and activities-inter departmental (ad hoc committees), SLEITI, MFAIC HRMO/PSC, SPU, EPA LCA, etc.
  • Collaborating with other departments in the organisation’s key problem-solving activities
  • Creating partnerships, and collaborating for the development and implementation of a Local Content Strategy for the Hydrocarbon sub sector.
  • Collaborating for the development of improved governance of the sub-sector