January 2017 – US Ambassador visit the Sierra Leone Petroleum Directorate

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Sierra Leone, John Hoover, on Wednesday January 25, 2017, promised to do his utmost to convince foreign investors, especially oil companies in the US to visit the newly established data room at the Petroleum Directorate.

He was speaking during a briefing session with the management and staff of the directorate at their Hill Station Office in Freetown.

Prior to the meeting, Ambassador Hoover was taken on a conducted tour of the eight work stations and data room by the Director General of the Petroleum Directorate, Raymond S. Kargbo. On behalf of his team, Kargbo then gave a general overview of the progress made so far by the directorate.

During the meeting, Mustapha Koroma, Senior Geophysicist of the Directorate gave a brief background of exploration in Sierra Leone which he said began in the early eighties with initial work focused on shallow waters which led to the drilling of 2 offshore wells. These two wells, Koroma explained, were later plunged and abandoned due to fall in oil price and the unavailability of technology at the time.

As part of government’s effort to revamp the economy after the 11 year civil war, he said an MoU was signed with Geophysical Service Company for the acquisition of 2D seismic data offshore Sierra Leone and demarcated 7 exploration blocks and hence an Act of Parliament was passed in 2001 to establish the Petroleum Resource Unit (PRU) to regulate and Monitor petroleum operations in the country.

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