About Us – Message from Mr. Raymond Kargbo – Director General


Mr. Raymond Kargbo – Director General                                          

Welcome to  the Petroleum Directorate Sierra Leone (PDSL) website!

Thank you for taking the time to access the website of the Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone. It is my singular honour and privilege to welcome you to our virtual office.

As you chart through the pages here, you will read about the strategy we are deploying in pursuit of our vision to become a leading oil and gas company, whose operations have a profound impact on the quality of life of the people of Sierra Leone. 

Effective resource governance requires that knowledge of the opportunities, progress, and challenges associated with translating oil and gas potentials into realizable development outcomes be disseminated in order to increase access to information about the sector, and cure any seemingly “information gaps” that may exist.

This website represents one of the set of channels that the Petroleum Directorate has employed in accomplishing this task. Its development is the result of collective efforts aimed at meeting the increasing information needs and wider expectations of our stake holding community. It also represents an attempt to provide our inquiring clients with a “one-stop” resource centre; which we trust will save time and enrich our clients and potential clients with the latest news and activities of the Petroleum Directorate and upstream oil and gas operations in Sierra Leone.

May I use this opportunity to urge all our first-time visitors to take their time in navigating their way through the various pages, help us with disseminating the news on the website to your friends and colleagues and create bookmarks of our webpages in order to facilitate easy access to the website in the future.

As means of enhancing our service to the wider public, we look forward to receiving all feedback/comments from you, and also hope that you will share your perspective on how we can serve you better.

As we strive to build an effective and dependable Regulator for upstream oil and gas operations in Sierra Leone, we shall continue to keep you updated and fully informed of our operations at all times.

Once again, I thank you for your visit and trust that you will have an exciting and productive experience.

Raymond Sadiu Kargbo – Director General