Message from Director General

Dear valued Visitors,

Welcome to the Petroleum Directorate Sierra Leone (PDSL) website!

As a regulatory agency with mandate to lead efforts in guiding Oil and Gas exploration activities in Sierra Leone, the Petroleum Directorate views that it is extremely important that it makes itself accessible to all interested parties in real time.

With new reality of shrinking space and time made possible by e-technology, the Directorate feels duty bound not only to employ such innovations, but also to enhance its web-enabled access, as a means of providing a one-stop shop to its stake holding community.

Following the assumption of office under the New Direction, my team has been engaged in a range of activities, with the twin goals of restoring the lost glory of the country as a significant space for Oil and Gas Exploration in the sub region, as well as optimizing the benefits of Oil and Gas related activities for both the State and Investor.

We have for instance engaged in unprecedented consultations with the industry and other stakeholders with a view to developing potentially rewarding strategies that can stand the test of time. These have included expanding the scope and scale of exploration activities, complementing existing data coverage through acquisition of additional 2D Long Offset data, building delivery-oriented systems through institutional capacity and other performance improvement initiatives, improved sector Governance, and enhanced interagency relationship, among others.

Openness and Inclusiveness represent key cardinal principles, we have designed our website to reflect these imperatives, with the hope that visitors and other stakeholders will not only get fulfilling experiences as they browse through our pages, but will also have the opportunity to have their say and thereby share their respective perspectives on how we can be of further help and enhance our relevance.

May I therefore use the opportunity to once again extend a hand of welcome to our stakeholders particularly our highly valued potential investors who will have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making a physical U-turn at our Data Rooms in Freetown and in London, and subsequently verify our claims regarding the quality of our seismic and well datasets.

The Directorate, and indeed the country would be pleased to receive with open arms, credible investors that will be in position to share Government’s primary objective of pursuing a fast-tracked exploration programme that can take into account potential exploration-related uncertainties.

I wish to thank you on behalf of the Petroleum Directorate, for your visit to our website, as we look forward to receiving you again in the not-too-distant future.

Timothy M. Kabba, Director General